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Minecraft is not only a really fun game it's actually a pretty powerful modeling tool. Players use bricks to build just about whatever they want. In the game's "creative" mode you get access to unlimited bricks and huge worlds that you can play in. You play from a first person view and you can place blocks wherever you'd like. Think of it has having the digital version of every Lego ever created.

Survival mode gives you limited supplies and you have to collect materials to build what you want, and protect what you have from creepers and other players.

Much like Legos, Minecraft fosters creative 3D problem solving.

Just as I grew out of Legos and moved on to CAD software, at some point kids are going to want to do more with their Minecraft models.

To that end here are a series of guides that show you how you can integrate SketchUp with Minecraft. Once you get your SketchUp models into Minecraft you can 3D print them, share them, or continue to model them using SketchUp's advanced modeling tools.

If you have a Minecraft player that wants to graduate to SketchUp for slightly more serious modeling these guides are for you.

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